Mergers And Aquisitions

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Stenton Leigh Group assists clients with merger and acquisition transactions on a worldwide scale. We are specialists in domestic and international transactions entailing the acquisition, sale, merger, joint venturing or financial restructuring of productive assets. For an increasing number of businesses, growth by merger or acquisition has become the cornerstone of long-term competitive advantage.

Business combinations present significant opportunities to our clients. Access to new markets, additional production facilities, an expanded work force, broadened product lines, and increased revenues can considerably strengthen a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Stenton Leigh Group and its founder Milton H. Barbarosh understand the requirements of prospective buyers and sellers, as well as the issues that arise during negotiations. We offer a comprehensive array of services aimed at maximizing their opportunities and minimizing the misunderstandings common to any business combination.

Acquiring firms understand that a well structured transitional business can strengthen its asset base, broaden its product and service offerings and provide immediate access to key markets.

Sellers understand the role of global outlook in maximizing their return. Offerings in the international marketplace broaden the exposure of the company for sale, increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyer and obtaining the highest valuation.

Stenton Leigh Group represents existing public companies seeking acquisition candidates or represents private companies looking to go public through merger with existing public shells which want to expand their businesses.

Regardless of the need, Stenton Leigh Group’s thorough understanding of financial, regulatory and transaction environments worldwide enhances the ability of clients to maximize their return. At the same time, the size and scope of our organization ensures that interested buyers and sellers obtain access to the widest network of interested parties.

Services are provided by Stenton Leigh Group and its affiliates and its representatives including Milton H. Barbarosh.