Stenton Leigh Group advises its clients as to the best strategy for raising funds. In-depth consultations with clients ultimately result in the financing alternative that is most suitable to meet the business owner’s objectives. Following are examples of financing methods commonly used by Stenton Leigh Group professionals and these financings are often implemented with the assistance of licensed broker/dealers whom Stenton Leigh Group are experienced in working with on behalf of their portfolio investments or clients:

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Middle-market companies tend to view going public as a complex undertaking, and often proceed without a clear understanding of the course that lies ahead. Stenton Leigh Group brings structure, direction, and guidance to a company or investor assessing this financing method. Stenton Leigh Group also advises company owners on their exit strategies, and analyzes their objectives in areas such as valuation, timing, and financial consequences of the IPO along with how to create liquidity for the company owners. Stenton Leigh Group ‘s professionals are experienced in analyzing the feasibility of IPOs, determining stock value ranges, structuring IPOs and identifying the issues and decisions to be made during the IPO process. Once it is decided to pursue an IPO, Stenton Leigh Group helps select the appropriate underwriting group by examining the transaction expertise of underwriting institutions for the client’s size and industry, the position of the proposed transaction in the institution’s backlog, the market environment for the issue, and other key elements.

Secondary Public Offerings

Secondary public offerings are underwritten issuances of a company’s common stock after it is already publicly traded. Secondary offerings, like IPOs, can include both shares sold by the company as well as shares sold by existing shareholders. Stenton Leigh Group works with existing public companies to advise them on the numerous alternative secondary financings available to them.

After a company completes an IPO, it often requires additional capital to finance growth initiatives and optimize its capital structure. A secondary public offering may be pursued for a number of reasons, such as to raise cash to fund longer-term growth initiatives or acquisitions, strengthen its capital structure, improve the trading market for its common stock, or enhance investor interest in a company by allowing large investors to either increase or decrease their ownership position in a controlled and organized manner.

Private Debt and Equity Placement

The goal of the financing experts at Stenton Leigh Group is to create the most favorable capital structure for each client. We understand that capital must accommodate a business rather than drive a business. It must give a business the flexibility to put profits into the enterprise rather than into the financing. Stenton Leigh Group’s professionals are in continuous contact with financial institutions to understand the lending preferences and risk tolerances of each institution and the strategic make-up of its portfolios. This knowledge is integral to the process of matching clients with appropriate lenders. Stenton Leigh Group’s long record of accomplishment enhances its credibility among lenders, often opening doors for new clients.

Completing a private equity financing often necessitates a closer collaboration of interests between the transacting parties, which justifies the intensive, senior-level attention that we provide. Stenton Leigh Group’s extensive network of relationships with financial institutions gives it access to vast sources of capital in this increasingly complex market. We also have the insight and sophistication, the result of our principals’ 50 years of experience, to custom-design capital structures that result in successful working relationships between lenders or investors and our clients.